Boulder Food+Tech Startup Weekend

Where should I start? These past two days, my sister (Naomi) and I (Anna) participated in our first startup weekend. It combined food, technology, and business potential all in one event! We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into (being the only highschoolers with little prior startup insight). Yet, we have zero regrets.
The event was the first ever Boulder Startup Weekend, organized by the worldwide networking program TechStars, and sponsored by Google. That is to say, the results of our participation were extremely rewarding! 
The goal of the event was to create a startup within a 48 hour time period. People pitched their startup ideas and then the participants formed teams. The best business models were picked out by the judges at the end of the weekend. My sister and I decided to join separate teams. Our team circumstances were very different but we both benefited from the change. Our individual startups reached among the top five most successful models by the end of the weekend! 

Though the event wasn't specifically geared towards our business, it granted us the opportunity to learn new entrepreneurship skills. 
The hardest part about this experience was having the courage to try something new and accepting change. We came to this event with open minds. We left this event with open hearts. 
What I've learned is that there's always more to learn. Engineering a business is more than applying one's own knowledge; it's about understanding the environment around you and learning how to apply the knowledge of others. Soon after the weekend ended, I realized that cooperation is the glue that holds our business together. Without excellent sisterly teamwork, Tuition Hot Sauce would not exist today. 
We look forward to participating in more startup weekends in the very near future!